The Germans

On Saturday night we had our monthly (more or less) expat group meet up in Paris. This co-incided with a big football match at Stad de France between Paris Saint Germain and Olympique Marseille – two of the giants teams in France and bascially playing the equivalent of the FA Cup final.
Traffic getting into Paris was heavy – but not too bad. We ate at the usual restaurant in Montparnasse, although the proprieter explained to us that the place had been taken over by a large group of Germans on the bottom floor and a Stag Night on the top floor. So we 6 were squeezed in at the back next to the kitchen door.

We all had a great time chatting with a nice meal, some beer and some nice red wine. Unfortunately I put my foot in my mouth when we were talking about the TV series “Allo Allo” and the accents and I said the word “Hitler” which was heard by a few of the Germans that gave me a dirty look. I guess they thought I was saying something nasty, when that wasn’t the case but I wasn’t about to try to explain that to them.

At 9.30pm we were asked politely to leave because they realised they’d double booked so in effect we were booted out. As it was a bit early we went searching for a bar, which took a little longer than expected as most were packed with baying football fans watching the evenings football match. We eventually found a place near the gare de Montparnasse where we could have a beer – which was quiet but Isa told me afterwards that it had a resident mouse scurrying around the carpet. When she mentioned this to the barman he didn’t look bothered and said “I know”.

We had a great evening though – but I think we’ll be looking for a different restaurant next time – probably Thai or Indian.

Photos shows from left to right : Gary, Angie, Thumpah/Pascal, Me and Maria. Thanks to Pascal for having a camera and supplying the photos (forgot to put mine on charge DOH!)

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