Work stress

Yesterday I got my first wage packet – which was nice, but the last couple of weeks have been pretty tiring. It’s a long time since I’ve done any physical work and even longer since I last worked in a supermarket – but the exercise is doing me a lot of good even if that means breaking the “pain barrier” sometimes.
Some of my colleagues are quite nice too, although there are a couple of suspect ones – mainly those who seem close to the bosses and see themselves as being bosses over us when in fact they are not. So that’s causing a few problems.

So far I’ve been working hard and trying to do all I can to please everyone (not easy) and especially as I am not French, trying to prove that I am competant despite a slight language barrier.
Yesterday afternoon was not so brilliant though. After our afternoon pause (which I rarely take) I was called over by the Director of the store, along with another of my colleagues (an 18 year old girl who started on the same day as me). In no short terms he told my colleague that she is not acting adult enough and hasn’t got the drive needed, then he said to me that I am not quick enough and apparently the language thing isn’t a problem. However he is giving us both until next Friday to improve or he’ll have to fire us.
This was brought home to me when he then went on to tell us that he’d fired two of those who also started on the same day as me while I was on my lunch break. They were both part-timers and finished at 1.30pm usually – my lunch is between 1pm and 2.30pm.

I’d like to say that they are being fair, but I just feel something iffy is going on somewhere – especially where the two colleagues who are close to the management are concerned. I’ve not really had the bosses on my back while working so someone must have been keeping an eye on me. Added to the fact that I’ve been working about as fast as everyone else – including a colleague who has become a friend of mine and had favourable comments yesterday when we finished work. Whereas I’ve still had comments about not being fast enough.

I suppose I’ll just have to try to work faster – and see what happens next Friday, if only to get the 7 days wages should I be fired. I have always had in mind that I will be looking for something else while working there anyway, and if the latter scenario is the case I try to tell myself that I’ll have more time to send out applications and attend interviews.

On the bright side – I have Monday off, as it’s a Bank Holiday. Although, it is actually a day that is worked by some companies to help raise money for the elderly (a case of working for free on that day) – it will give me the long weekend to think about things and consider what I should do next.

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