Close the volets

It’s 9.30am and in half an hour it’ll be time to close the volets (shutters) on the windows to try and keep the freshness of this morning in. Hopefully that will work.

Last night Isa’s friend Catherine arrived from Tours. She’s got herself a job in the area, although only for a few months. So finding accomodation hasn’t been easy for her, previously she’d been staying with another friend of ours who lives in a studio(1) on the 9th floor.

With the heat we’re having at the moment Catherine stayed in our house while we were on holiday and after a weekend in Tours with her family she’s come here to stay the week. Apparently the heat is unbearable in our other friends studio(1).

This morning I cleaned my scooter – which I’ve not done since I was working at Champion, a recent supermarket, where I was helping with setting the place up. As a result my two-wheels had become very muddy and dusty. I’ll probably write about the Champion saga another time as I’m not really in the mood to go there this morning.

Yesterday I received a letter from the ANPE(2) telling me that as I’d not signed on last month I had been taken off their list. So I’ll have to call them to resubscribe. This is mainly because I’ve been away on holiday, but also because their web site where I have to sign on, was down. Then in between I just “forgot”. I’ll have my next appointment with them in September – meanwhile I’ll have to start my job search yet again.

Unemployment is very high in France – so it’s quite an achievement to get an interview these days. Since October 2005 I’ve had 6 interviews, one of those leading to a job. But now I’m back unemployed again, apparently quite a common occurance for the French.

  1. Studio = Small one roomed appartment usually with a kitchen corner and seperate bathroom.
  2. ANPE = Agence National Pour L’Emploi – Basically what we’d call in the UK a Job Centre.

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