Apéro in the pool

Yesterday afternoon was hot, then again THIS afternoon is also hot. My parents in law are away for two months and as they live close to us, then we are there everyday watering the flowers etc (which reminds me I have to mow their lawn **groan**).

Anyway, they had bought themselves one of those inflatable pools for their back garden. As they went away they said we could use it (of course). It has been sitting there full while we were on holiday.

So, yesterday I decided to empty it, clean it out – and move it to our place to set it up over here. Easier said than done – I had forgotten that our garden is on a very slight slope. There was me, filling up the pool and realising it was going to overflow on one side.

Isa’s friend, Catherine, who is staying with us came home to see me trying to push the wooden bench from the kitchen up against the side of the swimming pool which was overflowing – in the end a big tidel wave came over the side, so I gave up on the idea. She suggested we put an old door under that side to push the side of the pool up. Good idea, says I. So off I went into the garage to find an old door we use for wallpapering (placed on tresles) – so when Thumpah came home, me and Catherine were trying to work out a way to get it underneath the pool.

With the two girls on either side lifting the pool I was able to push the door under it and put something under the door to make a ramp. With the bench also supporting the pool on one side, we sort of solved the problem. OK it looked a bit silly, but who cares in this weather? The main thing was to save water (we afterall, have to pay for it!) and have a dip, not to mention the nice apéritif we had while sitting in there… 😉

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