Morning after the storm…

Feeling a bit groggy this morning, maybe because for the first time in weeks it’s been quite humid.

This morning I woke up a little late at 8am, to find that it’s dull and windy outside. This, after weeks of heatwave. I suppose it’s a relief, but I’m still wondering how long it will last. It seems that the storm has lasted all night, there were still claps of thunder when I went to bed around midnight. That meant that it had lasted around 3 hours last night and well into the night after I went to bed.

As I staggered into the living room Thumpah was watching the Breakfast News on TV. It was reported that the west of France and the whole of the Paris area had severe storms last night, quite a large area really. In fact more than anything, the lightning was spectacular and aside from a forest fire near Sénart serious damage had really taken place. Mostly branches had come adrift from the trees.

Having just glanced at the TV as I write, two thirds of France is predicted to be stormy today. So it continues…

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