Have you ever had an electric shock?

If you have it obviously wasn’t a serious one – because you are still here 🙂

In fact I can remember being 8 years old and at my Grandparents. My Grandad was vacuuming the interior of his car – the Hoover was plugged into an extension lead. I remember I touched the plug on the extension for no special reason and received a shock. I remember my heart beating fast and having a feeling of fear.

Well… where is this memory leading, you ask?

In fact it’s leading to the fact I had the same feelings yesterday. Went into the living room and flicked the light switch. BANG – I had one helluva shock. Very scary had all the feelings I had when I was 8 – plus my hand felt like I’d trapped it in something. Oh and yes… the fear. It was that quick!

I said to Thumpah in a trembly voice “Do you think I could drop dead”. To which she answered “If it was going to kill you, you would have been dead as soon as you touched the switch!”

Hmmm… nice to know…

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