Well stone me….!

I’ve never been able to understand “anti-social” behaviour.

Well, I had enough of that when I was living in the UK – but I still don’t understand it 🙂 Over there – it mostly consisted of things being thown at our living room window, and the neighbours playing music until the early hours so loud you couldn’t hear the TV.

Won’t mention the agressive people too.

Now I live here in a very small village here in France, I thought that I’d escaped all that. But no…

A few years ago some young kids thought it amusing to make barking noises in the street – and drive our dog nuts. The more they barked, the more she did – Oh – how I was splitting my sides over that… how so funny!

The same kids then started breaking into our front garden, standing on our letter box next to the gate and messing about with the electric junction box next to it. Thumpah warned them – that it’s dangerous messing around in there. Maybe they could have electricuted themselves and given us some peace (Of course, I’m joking, aren’t I?). In the end Thumpah went to see their parents and the matter was resolved. Luckily we worked out who they were.

A couple of years ago, construction started on some HLM (or as we’d say in the UK “council”) duplex type flats behind our place. Before there was an empty barn there. Of course the appearance of small flats attracting young famillies means kids. Suddenly the peace in our back garden was shattered by kids of various ages yelling to each other, skidding their bikes on the gravel lane behind our garden and teenagers messing about with 50cc scooters.

Then some of those kids started trying to squeeze into our garden. One warning was enough and we didn’t have any trespassing anymore.

However over the last couple of months some teenagers, who are old enough to know better, have found it amusing to thow stones at our shutters when they are closed at night. Thankfully they are closed – because if they were open they’d break a window. It happens at about the same time each night – around 11.15pm. As to why they do it – we have no idea. But what can you do about it? They’ve usually ran off by the time we’ve been able to go outside and peek over the top of our garden wall. Of course they know they can make a quick getaway or they wouldn’t do it.

Maybe one day they’ll get bored and do something more interesting with their lives… We can live in hope!

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