Green picnic

No… nothing to do with an environmentally friendly picnic although I’ve nothing against taking care of the environment. 🙂

At lunchtime today Thumpah decided that we should meet up at
Vert-le-Petit (Vert is French for “green” geddit?) where the River
Essonne splits off into various lakes. It’s a very peaceful place full
of picnickers, fishermen and opposite there is a camp site. The fact we
ended up having the picnic in the car because there was too much goose
poop on the ground didn’t detract from the fact it was a nice lunch.

Thumpah had driven the 15 minutes or so down from work, and I rode the 2 miles or so to Vert-le-Petit on my scoot. On the way back I did a bit of shopping in the local Intérmarché – mundane stuff like shaving gel, razors, shampoo and toothpaste. Also bought an Asterix comic album – it’s my new way to force myself to read in French. Something I can get lazy at. 🙂

Also had to refuel – breaking down with a scooter that has run dry, not only makes you feel stupid but also having to run alongside it makes you feel stupider too. It’s a bit obvious. I’ve only done that twice, but not keen on doing it again.
In fact after leaving the supermarket I thought that I would have a problem like that. On the way back I got stuck at a level crossing – waiting for the barriers to come up as two trains had to pass. Was there for something like 5 mins sweltering in my thick jeans and thin raincoat (storms forcast – but it was still hot today). When the barrier went up, I let out the throttle started to move then spluttered to a halt. Luckily I had enough momentum to cross the level crossing and head towards the pavement – either that or risk annoying the drivers who had also been waiting behind me for the last 5 minutes.
Anyway, I hit the electric starter and thankfully the engine spluttered into life. Phew…

I’ll leave you with a nice pic of the lake where we picnicked. Although there was a dead fish covered in flies in the water, we didn’t see it until AFTER we’d eaten.

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