A can’t make it’s mind up day

It’s Summer… and only a matter of a couple of weeks ago it was over 35°C here!

But since then I think the highest it has been is 24°C. Over the last few days the weather has been playing tricks. Nice and sunny in the morning then grey and dismal, then sunny again, then light rain, then sunny and then yet more rain. It’s bloody annoying! Grrr

Here I am trying to cut hedges in an ideal temperature (anyone that works in 35°C will tell you that) and it keeps raining. Using electric hedge cutters becomes a death trap.

So yesterday I didn’t cut any of our hedges and today it’s looking the same way. In fact, I think I’ll start to sell a load of stuff on Ebay that I’ve been stock piling. At least it would make me feel useful.

I have at least cut a lot of hedge over the last few days. 🙂

Again yesterday, I spent some of the afternoon cleaning up preparing some food – before Thumpah came home. We had invited her two brothers and their wives; Patrick & Martine; Alain & Sylviane; over for an evening BBQ. But as it rained it turned out to be an “indoor” BBQ.
It was a very relaxed evening – with everyone inspecting the house that is being built next to us. Our place used to be the family home, and as they do not visit very often these days, it must be quite a difference to see all the changes going on here at the moment.
Not to mention all the work that Thumpah and me have been doing – which is far from complete, but well on the way.

Neither of us likes gardening – but we’ve cleared 9 metres of laurel hedge (for our neighbours new house), a few trees and an old fence behind the garage. We should have a nice little space behind our house sometime in the future – which would be ideal if the little sprogs from some nearby flats would stop shouting the lungs out!

So this morning I’ve been messing about with CSS on my Multiply site. This afternoon I’ll Ebay, then later on I’ll endeavour to finish the slideshow I started of our holiday in the Jura.

Oh… and it’s bloody sunny again! Like the weather I’m having a job making up my mind!

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