Today Catherines ex is coming round to eat the evening meal with us.

It’s always sad when friends divorce, but even though Catherine & Dom did so 3 years ago, it obviously means that we can’t see them together anymore. Which means having to schedule things apart. Still at least we see them both, and there isn’t too much acrimosity to put up with.

Dominique is very French – he even hates English people, well, not all French hate the English but it does happen. In fact he said not long after I met him for the first time that I was “pas mal pour un anglais” (not bad for an Englishman). I guess he had accepted me at least!

To some extent we feel a little sorry for him now, he’s in his early 50’s and lives alone in a Parisian flat where you couldn’t swing a rat yet a cat!. But he’s done a really good job with the place – I was really impressed with his idea’s for living in it. It’s quite common in France for people to live in “studios”.
He works long hours in a shop in Montparnasse – which was previously a video rental place, but is now a shop selling kitchen equipment. Unfortunately it’s not as successful as it was when it was full of videos and DVD’s. As far as we know he works 6 days a week – and sees his and Catherine’s daugher Amélie on his day off.

So it’s great to see him from time to time. He’s a bit of a character though and tends to speak his mind. That takes a bit of getting used to, but having known him 10 years now – I know he has a heart of gold. Last time we were at his place in Paris he gave me a double CD of Led Zeppelin – in exchange for a CD of Black Crowes songs I’d given him. For once we agreed on our tastes in music! Doesn’t happen often.

This evening Thumpah has cooked us a cassoulet – with duck. Hopefully we’ll all be hungry enough to eat it! As usual, inviting someone round here in France means hours spent at the dinner table!

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