Introducing Bouchon

Last Saturday we visited Thumpah’s friend, Catherine who lives in Rosny to the east of Paris. It means an hour’s trip – in fact longer than that this time because of holiday traffic.

She had decided to buy a new dog for her and her family. So the visit was to go and see the new addition to their clan who goes by the name of Bouchon (in English I guess he – it’s a he – would be called cork).
Apart from a little peepee in the corridor in their flat Bouchon was quite well behaved, although I had to hide my digital camera to avoid the strap being mauled. Well, what do your expect? He’s only 4 months old!
Bouchon is a Brittany Spaniel – not sure if that breed exists in the UK.

Here’s a photo of him on his comfort blanket…

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