Lazing on a Sunday afternoooon… In the Summertime… In the Summertime…

Unfortunately August is turning out to be a bit of a damp squib and particularly this weekend. Rain, rain, rain and more rain and very little sun. For heavensakes 2 weeks ago it was 35°C and today I’m wearing socks and looking for a cardigan to wear!

I’m not going to complain too much – it is, afterall a holiday weekend. Thumpah has Monday and Tuesday off, which according to the forcast will also be damp and cold. In fact it will be the case till next Sunday.
Very inconvenient as we’ve got lots of things that need doing outside – either it’s been too hot or too rainy to do anything.

Yesterday it rained heavily – bit it didn’t put off the workers next door in the process of building a house.

So today has been very lazy. I’ve been on the PC most of today – we’ve eaten too much and it’s been a general over indulgance day – a-men to that!
Earlier I put a few more items onto Ebay – that makes 19 things at auction till next weekend, 3 of them have bids. I think I’ll add more things next week.

Thumpah has been doing her cross stitch all day (rainy weather stuff!) – and was a bit put out when she found she’d ran out of blue thread on a Sunday, slap bang in the middle of a bank holiday weekend.

I went to bed at around 3pm – not been sleeping so well lately. Thumpah came in to wake me up twice, eventually I woke up around 7pm in time to have dinner (veg soup followed by fish and chips for me, and fruits de mer and chips for Thumpah – with purée de carrottes on the side).
Then this evening we watched “Papy fait la resistance” on telly – a well known film here by “la toupe du Splendide” – Gerard Jugnot, Dominique Lavanant, Martin Lamotte, Christian Clavier etc… I love their films.
I’m a big fan of “Les Bronzés”.

We’ll have to find some things to do tomorrow – which reminds me, I need to look on the net at the prices for tyres. Our car went for it’s contrôle technique recently and needs the two front ones replacing soon to pass it. Thumpah will have to take it in tomorrow.

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