Tyres and tired

Over the last week or so my sleeping pattern has been a bit haywire. When I had my job I was totally knackered – but through worry of NOT having a job I get maybe 6 hours sleep a night sometimes a little more.

Now it’s the holiday weekend, if anything it’s worse. Staying up till the wee hours on the PC chatting or working on our holiday photo slideshow. My sleeping time has been totally disrupted. Of course as it’s holidays it doesn’t matter so much because we can have a “graisse matinée”.
But when Thumpah has to work I don’t like staying in bed one bit (even if she tells me to sleep as she’s leaving). I try at the very least to be out of bed for 8am, even if I went to bed between 1 and 2am.

So this morning, after going to bed at 3am I found it particularly hard to wake up and get dressed. I think it was about 11.30am before I was finally presentable to the world (including getting rid of the two days growth). Today, we had to go and do something though.

Before we went away our car went for it’s “contrôle technique” (or MOT in UK speak). As it’s now fast approaching 6 years old we were holding our breath hoping that nothing serious needed doing. Finally the result was that we’d have to change the front two tyres as they’d worn on the inside.
In fact, when we came back from Paris a few weeks ago along the autoroute we got caught in torrential rain. We then found that we were literally aqua-plaining along the tarmac – so perhaps just as well we had to get the car checked over.

So… we thought it would be a good idea to perhaps take the car in, go and have lunch and do a bit of shopping for a few bits we needed and hadn’t got on the two weekly shopping trip last week.

We decided to go over to Villiers en Bière (77) along the RN7 because there is a very large Carrefour shopping centre there, with a tyre/exhaust type place . In fact the last time Thumpah had gone it was part of Carrefour but has since become a “Feu Vert”.

Being a bit short this month the last thing we needed was to have to replace the tyres on the car, but Thumpah will have to take it for another check up on Wednesday so we can get the all clear.
As soon as we walked into Feu Vert and gave the size of the tyres to the sales person there – he said “Ford Focus?” “Oooh that is going to be dear!”.
Not a good start…

In fact he said that because it was a Ford, things are more complicated when redoing the geometry etc, plus (of course) he had no more cheap tyres left. The most expensive was Michelin, the cheapest BFGoodrich with Pirrelli slotted in somewhere in between.
All in all we were looking at a bill of 320€ (£250.00 approx) !!!! What a heart stopper!

We were left with no choice but to go ahead. It was likely to take 2 hours, so we had plenty of time to go to the Carrefour caféteria and do the shopping. We ate a 3 course meal each quite reasonably for about 16€ (about £11) for the two meals. Thumpah had salad, tomate farcis with rice and a compote – the latter being too sweet to eat apparently. I had pâté en croute, chips and poisson sauce bearnaise (breaded cod with salad sauce inside) followed by tarte aux pommes and a coffee. Not forgetting a bottle of Badoit between us.

After we went to the Carrefour which is IMENSE! We only needed maybe 5 or 6 items but it took us a good 30mins wandering around finding them. We then went to Loisirs & Création because Thumpah needed to get some thread for a cross stitch she’s working on (the missing blue from Sunday). I bought myself some sketch paper in the hopes I’ll relieve the years of not having drawn anything. Maybe this will be a new start for me… my last drawing dates from something like 5 years ago.

The car was done on time (should bloody well have hoped so too!) leaving us to drive back in the… rain. The steering still pulled over to the right according to Thumpah – so seems that this problem isn’t caused by the tyres.

We had two dogs to feed when we came back, our own Chipie and also BIL’s dog, O.B. a little Westie cross. I call it “Mummy’s Boy” because it’s scared shit of me for some reason and follows Thumpah around everywhere, even into the loo. I think he is there lying on the settee with her as she does cross-stitch in front of the TV. Luckily Chipie isn’t bothered.

Well – I’ve written enough for this evening. Time to get back to the holiday photo slideshow from our break in the Jura and answer a few Ebay questions from buyers.

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