Today Thumpah made a good start on clearing the bushes and weeds along our back garden wall. This is part of our campaign to do something with our miniscule back yard. In fact it’s been an on-going projects these last 3 years since we got rid of a large cherry tree which was threatening to engulf one side of our house.

It’s costs a surprising amount of money to have an old cherry tree cut down, but it was so big and disease ridden that we had to get the pro’s in. However we’ve tackled the smaller trees and bushes ourselves. Then comes the headache of finding a way to get rid of cuttings, branches big lumps of wood etc.

Up until now we’ve borrowed a truck from Thumpah’s place of work – we’ve done that twice now and will no doubt to it again.

So this afternoon was spent clearing the wall, which I cut the larger roots sticking out of the ground with an electric chainsaw (a very dangerous looking thing).

We are both quite smug this evening with what we’ve achieved – tomorrow, providing it doesn’t rain I’ll continue to attack the hedges out front – which I started last week. It’s a long job and it’ll be nice when it’s all done!

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