Introducing Chipie

We are the proud owners of a rug on legs called Chipie. With a description like that she has to be a dog! Well, we think she is…

Chipie is our 13 year old Berger Picard cross, Thumpah rescued her from an animal shelter when Chipie was only 18 months old. Since then she has been her companion, until I arrived when Chipie was about 4 years old.

She’s a good dog (generally), very obedient although with her age she’s getting less so, in fact we think she is going deaf. 🙁 She can have a character – in that she can be occasionally grumpy with me. With Thumpah she is fine, Chipie thinks the sun shines out of her bum!

Even though she can be a bit growly with me I love her to bits and I know that she likes me. Whenever I go to the UK for a trip and come back, it’s the big celebration and I love that!

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