Expat BBQ tomorrow

Tommorrow we have my expat group’s BBQ here at our humble abode in the Essonne countryside. Of course we can’t promise the weather will behave, but we can try to at least cook the stuff outside rather than in the oven.

There’s only 3 people coming from my group tomorrow, but considering that one is coming from Paris and the others from Les Yvelines to the west of Paris it’s going to be a fair trek for them. Ewa and her boyfriend Adam, who are Polish, are coming over from Montigny le Bretonneux. Adam is still living in Poland and so visiting for a few days, Ewa lives in France.
The third person is Mari who we’ve never met, aside from briefly online – she lives in the centre of Paris.

As we live in rural île de France it’s usually a bit of a logistics exercise for a those coming via train. We live about 2 miles from the nearest train station – so will have to do a shuttle between here and there. This time round Ewa is in her car and only Mari will need picking up from the station.

Fellow Brit expat, Steve and his French girlfriend Anaïs, were also due to come. I’ve been speaking to Steve on MSN who is back in England. Apparently there was an attempted break in at his flat over there, so he had to hotfoot it back home because the Police wished to speak with him so he could give a statement etc.
Hopefully he’ll get things sorted out.

Thumpah has been making a pâté for the starter from a Weight Watchers recipie – it contains turkey breast cut up and a sort of stuffing all compressed together and topped with smoked ham. After that we’ll be having sausages (sadly not like English ones, but nice all the same), marinated chicken pieces and veg, which we’ve not sorted out yet. Normally we’d have PDT and haricot verts but it depends on what the others like. We’ll perhaps do that, and cook some rice too.
If there’s room there’s camembert and morbier for the cheese course followed by a fondant au chocolat (like a brownie) with crème anglaise.

For drinks, we have whiskey, Pineau, Muscat, rum or beer (blonde or brune).

So it will be great if the weather holds up. I’ll post some photos tomorrow. Oh and, good luck Steve, sorry you couldn’t be here!

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