…and bouncing back

Feeling a lot better than my earlier crisis – an evening in front of the TV with Thumpah did me the world of good.

I think in the next few days I really need to consider in which domains I will start my job search. I also have those sodding hedges to finish.

Before I go to bed I need to organise a special celebration in September. Back in July it was 10 years since Thumpah and me first met. When she came up to see me for the weekend in Leicester and in two short days we started down this road of spending our lives together. I intend to invite as many friends as possible that have shared our 10 years together – but it’s going to be a juggling trick to see if everyone will be available…

The celebration will be nearly 2 months late – but in all honesty it’s impossible to organise anything in July and August. No one is around!

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