Muscat des Caves

Yesterday after I finished the cleaning and as we were settling down to watch “Plus Belle La Vie” on TV, Thumpah’s brother Patrick called to say that he was driving through Etampes and could he drop by in passing.

He was on his way home from spending 2 weeks away. The first week he went down to Brantôme in the Périgord with his wife Martine, dropping off their dog with us fora week. Their daughter Amélie was staying with Thumpah’s parents down in Brantôme, so they spent a few days together.

They then drove down to Les Caves near the Spanish border to spend the rest of the week there. Martine then came back by train leaving Patrick and Amélie down there. So he was on his way back from Les Caves via Brantôme last night. When he stopped by he had bought us some bread from Brantôme, from the bakery behind Thumpah’s Dad’s house down there. It’s a really nice crusty “boule” of bread which always reminds us of holidays when we eat it.

He also bought us a bottle of red wine and a bottle of Muscat from Les Caves, the latter from there being really the best Muscat there is! As Patrick said to us “When you drink it, close your eyes and you can almost feel the sun on you”. Thanks Patrick & Martine for those lovely presents!

Last night I also emailed my ex colleague from Champion, Christophe, who I’ve not spoken to since before Thumpah and I went down to the Jura mid-July.  So I asked if we could maybe meet up to eat one lunchtime, perhaps during his break or after work. As they now start work at Champion at around 6am he finishes around 1pm. In fact he wrote back this morning and told me that he works 3 half days a week so we’ll probably meet up on one of those.

I guess I’m just trying to get out of having to go and see him at the supermarket, because ever since I left I’ve not set foot in the place since. It’ll also be nice to see him again away from work because he was a real good friend during my short stint at Champion.

On Monday I also plan to go to the ASSEDIC to sign back on again, it’s in Corbeil-Essonnes, so I’ll no doubt drop by to see my old French teacher, Mr Amadou, as well. I was supposed to have gone to see him before we went on holiday. In fact I did see him about a week before we left, and was going to drop by a week later. He wanted me to look at his laptop because he had a problem with MS Office.

But of course we left to go down to the Jura and I knew that when we returned he wouldn’t be there as August is when everything shuts down. There would be no classes for the whole month!

Today we have promised ourselves to go through our shoes. In fact they are stored in a totally disorganised pile in the little landing where the stairs down to our basement are situated. The cupboard where they are supposed to be stored is falling appart spilling shoes all over the floor. Luckily this is hidden from view when visitors are here but now the whole landing looks a total mess. So it really needs doing. Rain has been forcast today – it’s greying over, and so we don’t want to take the risk working on the hedges outside. We’ll no doubt do those tomorrow.

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