The landing

Nope nothing to do with airports and airliners.

This afternoon we finally blitzed our landing next to the stairs down to our basement. We can now actually move in there!

A lot of our old shoes were cleared out of the cupboard – some for the rubbish while others will get donated. Downstairs I recuperated a wine rack which had been sitting in the basement for years. After a good cleandown outside, we are now using it to store wine (what a surprise!) other bottles (water, milk, orange juice) and some veg in the basket at the bottom. The big blue box contains my beer. :)As it had been sitting downstairs for so long there were already some bottles on it, some of which we aren’t sure are drinkable. Perhaps most of the wine that was down there has turned to vinegar, but we did find a bottle of Cognac and two bottles of Pineau rouge. They might be OK.

As for the red wine, if it’s a bit past it, we could always use it to make a nice Boeuf Bourgignon – trying it first of course. :p

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