10 years already…

On the 5th July 1996 I met Thumpah for the first time. We had been writing to each other for about 4 months and finally I invited her to come and pass the weekend with me in Leicester.

That is a weekend that will remain in my memory forever (well as long as I still have a memory!) I remember getting to know this sweet and kind girl during that weekend and it just seemed like we were made for each other (tacky I know!)

So, after that very short weekend, I came over to France for 2 weeks in August of that year and that started a year of us commuting to see each other via Eurostar. To her credit, Thumpah did drive up a couple of times for the holiday weekends we had in common. That used to worry me a lot though, because it was a long way to drive on a Friday evening after work. I remember she would arrive at 2am and literally “fall” out of the car!

I have happy memories of that period – despite the Goodbyes, but after a year of having to travel every other weekend and the Goodbyes, I just left my job and moved to live with Thumpah here in France. In hindsight I would have done things differently (love clouds the realities of life) but I certainly don’t regret the move.

Above: Thumpah with her Grandad and me at Junior School. They were taken at about the same time in the 1970’s. Little did we know then, that we’d end up together.

So… it’s 2006 and it’s 10 years already! We’ve been together all this time and boy, has it flown by so fast! To celebrate we’ll be organising a party next weekend (possibly Sunday lunchtime) here at home. We plan on inviting our friends from the last 10 years who we are still in contact with. Hopefully most will be able to make it, but realistically I guess we won’t be able to celebrate the event with everyone at the same time. Pity… but that’s life – we can’t always be free at the same time.One of the reasons we couldn’t celebrate in July – everyone tends to go on holiday, so we thought it best to wait until “la rentrée”. We’ll have our work cut out organising it all for next weekend – but it’s going to be great!Pictures next week…

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  1. Awww thanks all. Hopefully it’ll be a nice celebration. 😉

    We are certainly “great” people… we need to both go on a diet hehehehe.


    John & Isa.

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