Back to the ASSEDIC

This morning I left home at 8.30am to go to the ASSEDIC office in Corbeil-Essonnes around 15km from here. On this occasion it was to resubscribe so that I can use the services of the ANPE to look for work.

At one time this would have been a very long winded process – filling in forms and providing various photocopies of documents… certificate du travail… attestation ASSEDIC… bulletins de salaire… carte de sejour etc…

This time round I had neglected to “sign on” at the ASSEDIC site at the end of June (site was down) – but even though I’d worked from May to June the advisor at the ANPE had signed me back on when my employment contract ended. So my last stint at Champion hasn’t been declared.

When I arrived in Corbeil the ASSEDIC office was practically empty – still people on holiday I suppose. So I just walked straight up to the counter to speak to an advisor. He told me to go round the corner to call up another advisor at the central office on the free telephones provided. So I called the number he gave me, and after giving the nice lady at the other end of the phone my ASSEDIC number she signed me back on. Easy as that. To think I had arrived there with all the appropriate papers that I’d spent time looking for and photocopying.

Seems things have been changed since January this year in the way both the ASSEDIC and the ANPE deal with people. About time too because up until now it’s been vrai galère whenever I’ve had dealings with them in the past.

Normally people are worried about getting unsubscribed from the ASSEDIC because it means no more unemployment benefit. Since living in France, during my regular bouts of unemployment, I’ve never claimed anything – and anyway, I believe I’m not entitled to anything anyway. So for me the means to an end is just making sure I continue with my monthly appointments at the ANPE.

Just like in the UK they haul you in each month to give you several job offers that you are obliged to apply for. The big difference being is that I now have an advisor at the ANPE who is what you’d call “human” – which certainly hasn’t been the case up until now.

Hopefully this is a good sign for bureaucracy involving both the ASSEDIC and the ANPE for the future…

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