What is it about French people?

Today we decided to go shopping at a new supermarket that Thumpah discovered the other week. I think it’s called “Fruits, Légumes, Boucherie, Crèmerie” or something like that, in the Centre Commercial (CC) at La Croix Blanche, Sainte Geneviève des Bois. There we were able to find all of the stuff for Sundays buffet.
As we left at about 11.30am, we thought, why not go and eat somewhere first before going shopping. So as we were heading towards another CC called Maison Neuve at Brétigny-sur-Orge, we decided to stop at the Buffalo Grill restaurant there to eat. Of course as it’s a Friday lunchtime, the place is busy – nothing unusual there.

We settle down – they bring the “salad d’acceuil” which I never eat because I hate salad and automatically give it to Thumpah. The serveuse is very polite and asks if we were ready to order. So we say not yet, we’ve not decided. Anyway she comes back 5 mins later – having made our decision by this time. After deliberation Thumpah orders 2 brochettes (she was beginning to talk herself out of that because she thought 13€ for just two brochettes was a bit expensive) one with fig and honey glazed duck and the other with coquiles St Jacques, served with frites (sorry… chips). I just had my usual Assiette Texan. 🙂

Anyway – the food takes a while which doesn’t bother us one bit, as I said earlier, it’s a normal weekday midi and all that… I guess in the end it took maybe 15 to 20 minutes at the most before our meal arrived.

Meanwhile having started to eat we were chatting about Sunday, when I noticed that an old couple had taken the table next to us. I guess they’d been there 10 minutes before we had noticed them and they’d apparently ordered. The bloke, grey haired and stocky was getting pretty angry about something. Then Thumpah whispered to me in English “I think the man next to us is going to blow up” (I think she meant blow his top – but I understood. She’d spoken English because she didn’t want the bloke to hear what we were saying – and considering how angry he was getting that was perhaps a good idea). Indeed he was blowing his top – he was getting excited because his order hadn’t arrived. He was sitting there muttering away to his wife when a couple of minutes later the food arrived. The serveuse placed the plates on the table and as she was doing this the bloke said sarcastically “I would like the bill too”. Then when the poor girl that had served them started to apologise for the delay he continued with a “C’est pas grave” – but in a way that meant that it was REALLY “grave”.

I guess they didn’t stay long – they appeared to eat half their meal and left.

This is something I have learned about the French… they can be very IMPATIENT in all things. Perhaps we Brits are more PATIENT? 😉

Well it’s nearly 1am – time for bed. We have a lot of cleaning up to do, tomorrow, and of course cooking for Sunday lunchtime. Two people have dropped out already, so we’ll be 12 adults, 5 kids and 2 dogs. We’ll have to make one of our bedrooms “kid-proof” and install a TV and DVD player in there. Seems to be the standard way of keeping the little ankle biters quiet when our friends are here. Which will mean we’ll be able to play some music on the Hi-Fi in the lounge for a change.

Sunday is set to be very rainy… lets hope it isn’t…

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