Ow… ow… ow… ow… Aïe!!!

Over the last few days my poor back has been getting more and more painful. It’s a bit weird because last weekend I had to get down on my knees to plug something into a socket and when I got up my back blocked and I had a stab of pain. But once I got back up again it didn’t hurt too much.

Then one morning a couple of days later, the pain started, when I got out of bed. This is about the fourth time this year I’ve had this really horrible problem and have even seen an osteopath over in Brétigny twice about it. Each time he has put it right – although after his manipulations it’s usually taken about 10 days to sort itself out. On my last visit he said to me that there should be no reason why it should reoccur… very ominous.

It did come back while we were on holiday in the Jura back in July, but some Voltarine sorted it out.

Thumpah was really cute this morning bringing me breakfast in bed and putting some Voltarine on my back – hopefully using that will slowly put things right.

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