Aldi Boxes

For once our fridge, larder and freezer in the basement were devoid of food. So a trip to Aldi was called for.

We woke up early for a Saturday so we could go and get the shopping done before lunch. Upon arrival at the Aldi in La Feté Alais, the place was busier than usual. There was a bit of a traffic jam near the fridges containing the deserts and cheese. Then as we went around the isles, we noticed that there were massive queues at the checkout. The shop was slowly emptying! As usual the French live the rythmn of their lives according to their stomachs… (so, it seems… do we!)
The nice thing about Aldi is that they sell a number of non-food items in bins along part of the shop. Today I picked up some IKEA style cardboard draws for the princely sum of 1,90€. No doubt cheaper than those in IKEA. They are sitting now between my PC screen and my tower while I decide where best to put them. Strangely, there were 4 drawers included, 1 more than is needed.

But the best thing about Aldi? It’s where I buy my baked beans. 0,40 cents in Euro for a massive jar. To think Carrefour would charge about 2,00€ for a titchy tin of HP beans!

These are a vital ingredient for our Sunday English breakfast, although we cannot get proper English sausages in France to make it totally complete…

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