End of Summer buzz & wash

Today Thumpah did her magic with the electric lawnmower. Finally I’m back to having less hair than usual, which frankly I prefer. Strange to realise that the last time I had my hair cut was just before I started working for Champion back in May.

Of course – when the weather is nice outside and Thumpah comes to a decision not only do I lose my hair but Chipie has a bath. Well, a much needed bath really. Not that she is a dirty dog, but her fur was getting that greasey chip look.

As you dog owners probably know, nice warm sunny weather is usually better for a bath-day so that you can leave the dog outside to dry off. Wet dogs and houses don’t mix!

Also, as you know, when you get out of a shower wet through, when it’s cold outside, it’s usually bloody freezing and you have to dash to get either a towel or dressing gown. Well it’s the same for Chipie despite the fact she is already wearing a thick fur coat.

With this nice été indien we’re experiencing she was dry in no time and soon inside snoozing in her basket in the salon.

“Shake it baby… Shake it…” 

“Can I go in now please…wuff…?” 

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