Busy… busy… busy…

Aside from the volunteer work I am doing on a magazine for the mairie here, it seems that soon I’ll have a little bit of paid work for a change…

Thumpah has some translation work that needs doing from her office, French to English. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on this during the day to get it moving. Apparently it needs doing for the end of the month (there are quite a few pages), but it would be good to get it done before then.

I should get the magazine done mid-week hopefully.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been knocking some magazine cover design idea’s around, so that I can offer a choice to Mr Bl├ętel. He rang me on Friday afternoon to say he couldn’t come round then as arranged, but he’ll be here tomorrow at 2pm. He expects to spend a good amount of time here tomorrow afternoon so we can decide which photos we’ll be using in the publication and of course, for him to present me with the text he has written for the magazine.

So far, from saying we had 10 days to do it last week, things have dragged on a bit so by Friday, aside from some photos taken in the church of the sculptures last week, I’ve had very little to go on!

Now we only have 4 days or so, if that… to get everything typeset. So I’ll be having a few busy days ahead.

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