Pint o’beer an’ a packet of hedgehog flavoured crisps please…

Bizarre title for a bizarre day.

Summer is officially over, the temperature here has dropped from the 30°C a couple of days ago to about 20, and it’s been raining off and on since a thunderstorm that passed over last night.
It’s also grey and dark, the nights are drawing in and the hedgehogs are out in the garden. Chipie went nuts this evening at the kitchen door…

Attention! Un Herisson est en train de croiser le chemin…

With those dark nights comes a special atmosphere here in our neighbourhood. The chill in the air is permeated with the smell of wood burning fires and the fog both night and morning caused by them. Not quite the same BBQ smell of the Summer.

I suppose the only time I remember experiencing something akin to that akrid smelling fog, was on the morning of November 6th.

But we too have a wood burning fire, which is so atmospheric. Once I said to a French friend that I’m not sure about the merits of a wood fire in the lounge actually keeping us warm.

He replied: “Ben… c’est là car ça fait joli…!”

I can well believe it… but nothing can beat having a roaring fire. Of course before any roaring can take place – you have that annoying time of getting the fire going.
Once it takes, you can sit there with your feet up, English beer glass in hand, enjoying an apéro…

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