Expat Interviews

“Expat Pat” (Pat in Ivry) 🙂 put me onto a site called “Expat
Interviews” – containing some really interesting articles made up from
interviews with expats around the world.

Having been here in France a good number of years I thought it would
be interesting to participate, so have also given an “interview” on the site here.

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  1. Hi,
    it is very nice to know that you came to France just for staying with your girl friend.

    I came to France at the end of last year, without speaking French at all then, (not that much either now,but better at reading though). I agree with you that it is hard to live a country without speaking the language, i think for you even worse without a job. so very admire your courage to do it for your girlfriend…

    all the best,

  2. Thanks Carolyn. No doubt you’ve seen elsewhere on my blog that we celebrated our 10 year anniversary recently.

    My work contract ended mid-June. Luckily I have some translation work to do at the moment and hope that’ll lead to more (crossed fingers).

    Otherwise I have a few idea’s going around my head, and will no doubt have to reply to job offers from the ANPE once my monthly interviews with them kick in again.

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