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Talking about interviews with Expats, I was recently contacted by Julie Mayer at BBC Radio Leicester. Presently they are doing a few features about Expats around the world, given that with the net we can all listen to Radio Leicester and other UK stations wherever we are.

She wanted to conduct an interview over the phone with me, which will take place in the next few weeks.

In fact, as I listen to BBC Radio Leicester (and Radio 2) much of the time from here in France, I can feel in tune with back home – listening to local people, features and events, even the traffic news.
I have very occasionally replied via email to Julie’s show and also that of Rupal Rajani. Then one day last Autumn, as I was gearing up to come over to Leicester to visit my family and friends, Julie kindly invited me to the studio while I was over there for an interview on air, at the beginning of November!
To say I was “bricking it” was an understatement. Thankfully she suggested I bring along my Grandma, my Uncle Pete and of course Thumpah, so we could make it a group interview. That made things easier to deal with. It was also a nice treat for my Grandma who had celebrated her 80th birthday just days before.

While we were being interviewed I had recorded it on my Uncle’s PC – you can listen to it here.

I need’nt have been that nervous, because Julie put us all at ease and did a terrific job. Was really impressed by how much of an effort it takes to “run” a radio programme – especially when it lasts a couple of hours!

It was a great experience anyway and I hope I’ll be less nervous if another radio interview takes place.

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