Over the last week or so, I have been lucky enough to work on translating a computer manual for the company that Thumpah works for, from French to English. Upon working on that project, I considered my options and am now seriously thinking about doing more work like that.

For the moment it’s early days, but I believe it could be viable. This means that my long search concerning “what to do next” is perhaps at an end. Having done the same job in the UK up until 1997 and having tried to do more of the same in that domain since moving to be France, it just hasn’t been very realistic.

But I suppose changing countries means that in most cases you have to change jobs too. Qualifications are different and not valid here, plus things in general are just “different”.

The next stage will be how to go about providing the service – and I am already considering setting up a web site.

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  1. If you don’t have to count on an absolute regular salary, then I think translation is a good option for those of us with foreign diplomas not recognized in France. I do it sometimes for my husband’s company, and probably could find more work like that if I tried. A website is a good idea.

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