Bowling at La Norville

This is old news now, but we were supposed to have gone bowling on a Friday a couple of weeks ago at La Norville near
Brétigny-sur-Orge with our friends Catherine and Bernadette.

After a meal at Pizza Paï we arrived at the
bowling alley to find that there was trop de monde. I think another thing that put us off was that there was the need for a bouncer at the door! Reminded me of my nightclub days as a youngster back in the UK

So we rescheduled for the following Wednesday (last). The alley was mostly empty, even if there was another bouncer there that night on the door.
It’s something like 12 years or so since I last went bowling, that was back home in Leicester. I heard the bowling alley over there was demolished at the beginning of this year to make way for a new shopping centre.

Well, I didn’t get too many down the gutter – but I came last in the first game. We decided to play a further game, in which I came last again too. Thumpah fared better, coming 1st in the first game but then 3rd in the next one. Bernadette won the second game – with her “lob style” of bowling (we were scared of getting thrown out for damaging the alley hehehe).

Afterwards we then went on to Buffalo Grill for a meal. It’s a place where it’s great if you like meat, meat and more meat – Oh, and salad. Unfortunately I don’t like the latter, but I like PDT’s and meat, so it’s my sort of place.
As usual I ordered an “Assiette Texan”. The girls had grillades, although Catherine having ordered a red raw steak then found she had a fight with it. It was full of nerves and grisle and in the end she gave up.
When the server came – she pointed out that it was uneatable. The answer was “Sorry Madame, but that’s the Classique so there’s always a lot of fat in it”. To which Catherine pointed out that it wasn’t the fat that was the problem.
Enter the free coffees for everyone and an apology. 🙂

There are probably a handful of times in 9 years that either myself or someone in the party has not been happy with the meal chez Buffalo – which I suppose isn’t bad going. Once – someone who was working for FIL and was invited to the resto by him wasn’t impressed with the half chicken he ordered that wasn’t cooked on the inside. Then I’ve been victim to cold Chili con Carne pas terrible! It’s common that something is served cold unfortunately.

Despite the bowling alley being a bit like the zone, it’ll be fun to go again. But I think we’ll avoid Friday nights and the weekend!

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