Ugh! Water wet nasty…

Towards lunchtime today I wandered downstairs into our basement to get a frozen TV dinner (Parmentier de Poisson) from our second freezer down there.

I padded across the main room in my socks through the door into a smaller room where our freezer and washing machine are and straight into a big puddle of…. water.

The boiler in the same room already has a slight leak – just a few drips, and so we have a Curver box under it for the time being. But this was a water leak on a different scale!
A valve under the boiler had some how given way and so I found that not only were my socks sodden through (not a nice feeling) – but the water had made a thin stream of puddles into the next room, to the outside door at the side of the house at basement level. As there is a step of a few centimetres, the flood was about a centimetre deep.

So I spent about an hour this afternoon disguarding my socks, mopping up water wearing my flip flops. Leaving the doors open all afternoon helped, and now it’s about dry. I suppose we are lucky nothing was damaged. Just a couple of foam mattresses had taken some water and some stuff destined to be thrown out.

I suppose this reminds us that we really need to clear out the junk down there and actually “use” the basement – crazy when you consider the amount of space we have down there!

First things first, we’ll have to call in our friend Marco (he’s a plumber) to take a look at that boiler, before a more serious flood happens. For the moment I have managed to close the valve that was the cumprit… Hope it holds…

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