Windows vs. Linux

As always I’ve liked Linux, but have been disappointed by it’s short-comings. In the main for me, this means certain Windows programs not working with the emulation CrossOver Office. Aside from that it’s something I’d love to use permanently. For now I have a light installation on a small 4Gb drive with a dual boot – just so I can tinker with it.

Meanwhile I’m sticking with XP, albeit, reskinned with the KDE desktop using Crystal XP. However, my experience with Linux has made me lean more towards using programs destined for Linux, via XP, thanks to their developers having released a version for Windows.
For example these are the Windows programs I’ve used in the past – with the equivalent “Linux” program that will run on XP:

There are also some good freeware programs destined for Windows – which I’ve found good replacements for the more “commercial ones” :

But it’s not all “freebies” – I’ve also bought the licences for certain programs :

Unfortunately the latter won’t work under Linux using CrossOver Office.

You can’t have everything can you? So I guess I’ll stay with Windows for now…

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