Planning for Christmas

Yes already!

We’ll be spending it in the UK with my family and everything seems to be up in the air. When I last saw my Uncle online and asked him what they were planning to do, he replied “not decided yet”. Then there are the people we want to see while over there.
Already I’ve exchanged emails with my cousin, who recently had a daughter – looks like he beat us to it. Well… he is 8 years younger than me! Apparently we’ll see him briefly on Christmas Eve at his Dads.
On the 23rd we’ve been invited by my friend Colin to his biker clubs Christmas Party (“party” sounds like a tame word).

So from the 20th till the 27th December we’ll be in Leicester, although the 20th and the 27th will be spent travelling up there in the car. Aside from the above, during our stay we have another 3 friends to see and it’s all turning into a jigsaw puzzle. For the moment it’s not complete…

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