Power cut and Bonfire Night

On Saturday evening we had a powercut that lasted about 90 mins. The following day we found out it was a Europe wide thing with Italy & Germany heavily affected too. In France it hit the east of the country and Paris and it’s suburbs plus a few other areas of France. Around Paris not all places got cut off – a few people I know said they were not affected at all.
When the electric went off, the first thing I thought was, that it was just the main switch in the junction box at the end of our drive that had tripped off. Then I saw that all the street lights were out too…

On Sunday afternoon I cleared some branches away in the garden so we could make a bonfire for Bonfire night. In my 9 years here in France I’ve never bothered celebrating it before. This year I decided to break the habit. We have some fireworks, but they are all about 5 years old and frankly we didn’t want to risk setting them off!
So it was a Bonfire night without fireworks, but we did do some toasted Breville sandwiches to eat while I popped out to keep the bonfire going. 🙂

We probably won’t have one next year, because of the baby. But maybe the following year onwards we’ll make this a yearly celebration.

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