No hot water

Well, where to I start…?

Last week our house electricity supply tripped off one evening. Groping around in the dark with my little keyring torch I changed the fuses, then dashed to the end of our driveway to flick the trip switch in the junction box. Nothing. Unplugged everything from the mains, made the same dash… still nothing.

Thumpah came home then to find our place in darkness and suggested I perhaps see if there is anything in the basement that could have caused the electricity to go off.

So I slowly went downstairs with my feeble little torch – checked the boiler – all seemed OK. Went into the next room to look at the hotwater tank, which is an electric immersion one. Water was dribbling fairly rapidly down the back of the tank and onto the electric thermostat mechanism below the tank. So I unplugged it then made the “dash” (maybe not the right word to use when in pitch black darkness) and checked the junction box again.This time trip switch worked and we had electricity at last.

So the bad news was – we’d have to get a new hot water tank. Well, the old one HAD lasted 30 years so it owed us nothing, but with Christmas around the corner and the baby on the way it was one cost we could have done without. It was inevitable that we’d have to replace it, though, because it had already started to leak from a pipe below it – so it was only a matter of time…

Our grateful thanks have to go to our friend Marco, though. He had changed careers earlier this year and became a plumber. So we called him and he came out to take a look. Verdict was that we’d have to wait a week because he would need to order a new tank. We also knew he was snowed under with work so didn’t want to cause him bother with his “real clients”. In the end he stopped by to sort the problem out whenever he had a spare moment.
I was there to help him a little, as two hands are better than one for removing the old hotwater tank and fitting the new one. Admittedly the old one, being full of limescale, was bloody heavy. As of Thursday afternoon we again had hot water in the taps after a week without. It’s amazing how much you take that for granted!

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