Running around like a blue house fly

The last few weeks we’ve been considering what we need to do over the next few months, before the baby comes along.

With my friends Campbell and Christophe having helped me move stuff, which I couldn’t do by myself, I’ve still been in need of some help to move some other things. Unfortunately I’ve not managed to get any return on my other requests for help – but I guess in time that’ll come along. It’s really mundane stuff like moving some furniture around for the moment, mainly downstairs in the basement.

The recent hot water tank problem, and a slight flooding downstairs a few weeks ago when the water company accidentally upped the water pressure to our village, made me realise that we need to do something about our much neglected basement. I have already started, but there’s still someway to go.

Meanwhile, Thumpah and I went to visit Castorama in Corbeil, last week, and also a wallpaper shop next to it, which sells some great stuff cheaply. We have yet to do the budget, but we’ve at least made some decisions about the decoration of the nursery and our “new” bedroom. So that’s one difficult hurdle over with.
Whilst at Castorama we also bought two pine shelf units for 19 Euros each. Pretty basic ones, but they are just to store paperwork and other stuff in our office. The last few days I’ve assembled them, and started to varnish one of the units (need to buy more varnish).

If anything our office is in as bad a state as our basement. Having emptied the two rooms we are to decorate of stuff, returning some of it to Isa’s parents, the rest went into the office. We are going to have a mass clearout of rubbish – which should be easier now we’ve got rid of some of Thumpah’s Dad’s bits and pieces. We’ve put aside a room in the basement purely to store his left over stuff.

Just before our Castorama visit we made our first visit to the gynacologist that our sister in law had recommended to us, over in Evry. This first visit was for the first “proper” scan of the baby which at 12 weeks had developped quite a bit since the last scan of the “haricot”. It (we still don’t know it’s sex yet) has arms and legs in the proper places and appeared to be moving around so much that the Doctor had a job taking the “photos”. It seemed to be having fun doing cartwheels anyway.
The main thing is that everything is OK, heart is beating as it should be and early signs are that we’ll have a healthy baby – apparently the moving around is a very good sign. It’s still quite small at 10 cm long. The next scan will be mid-December.

Thumpah went for another appointment yesterday evening for some “womans things” to be checked – so I stayed at home while she went to do that. Happily the cervix is well closed, but she was told she needed to drink more water and will have to take iron tablets until the birth of the baby. But so far so good.

I think most importantly Thumpah is feeling better than she has done these first 3 months – which everyone tells us is usually the worst time in the pregnancy. She has the occasional digestive problem – and of course, she is tired – but it’s nice to see her old self coming through again.

Of course I’m doing all that I can to help – but sometimes I feel it’s not enough, I guess I just want to be a good supportive Daddy. 🙂

Still can’t bring myself to speak English to my son or daughter in the womb, but it gets a kiss from me very night…

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