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Today I removed the music section of my site – it’s nice to share stuff from YouTube, but since Google took that site over methinks that they’ll bring to an end sharing music videos on the service.
Of course, more realistically, with the baby coming along I’m going to have to start pruning what stuff I want to keep going on the net.

As you can see, my entries are becoming weekly on here – having lots of other stuff occupying my mind means that I just don’t get round to writing anything. In a way that’s a good thing, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll be bringing my blog to an end! I have spent some time chatting on Multiply, where I found out that my friend Colin was to be made homeless. His house of 30 years is being reposessed. This is when it’s frustrating living away from the UK because I can’t really help him out from here. That’s life I suppose. The good news is that someone has offered him a place to stay, thankfully he’ll only be homeless for 3 months, but as that’s over the Winter it’s better that he has a roof over his head.

Meanwhile, we’ve been preparing for Christmas and our visit back to Leicester from the 20th till the 27th of December. Obviously we can’t go overboard this year, but we’ve already bought presents for my family in the UK. Using some imagination we’ve been about to keep costs down – I suppose it’s the “thought that counts”. It’s a relief to get all that out of the way, and practically all are wrapped up. This year I’ve decided to send out Christmas cards early January – I just can’t face writing them now and to be honest, that is one expensive aspect of Christmas. I had the habit of sending EVERYONE a Christmas card, even if they didn’t send one back. In my old age, I no longer see the point in doing that now because if others can’t be arsed to stay in touch then why should I? So, I plan on caring about the people that really matter and who make that wonderful effort to stay in contact with us both.

House-wise I’ve been Autumn leaf clearing. I am quite proud because it’s about the first year that I’ve cleared them all away, which means the whole place is looking spic and span. As well as doing that I finally cut part of a tree away from the clump of trees/bushes in our front garden. Our parents in law had moved their fence to enlarge their garden, finally to the proper limits as detailed on the plans for both properties, so their fence was close to our clump of trees etc.

Thumpah is going surprisingly well. Mother and baby seem to be going fine from the last scan she had last month. Baby is moving around quite a bit. She has had the occasional bouts of nausea, but we passed the three months point a few days ago. I think she’s looking great anyway – she’s lost weight, but most of all she is as beautiful as ever. Of course I’m still happy to be Daddy-nurse for her, it’s really a case of her doing whatever she is able to do and then me finishing off when she’s tired.

The last week I’ve been varnishing some new pine shelving units in the garage, which are for our office. I’ve been as high as a kite on the varnish fumes, but I was glad to finally be able to install them in our office, on Saturday, which really looked like a bomb had hit it. Basically after clearing out stuff from the two other bedrooms (one will be the nursery and the other our “new bedroom”) the office got filled with the stuff left over. You could only just get to the window from the door, personally, I just felt ashamed to see the state it had got into.
The shelving units were fitted, having to fix them to the walls so they were solid. Then finally we attacked all the papers and other things that were piled on the desk, bed and on the floor. We now have a desk and bed that we can see – and although it’s not quite finished, the room looks more acceptable.

The next job will be starting on the nursery, where I need to start fixing some batons and isolation to the wall so I can attach the wooden slats that I had removed from the wall a little while ago. These will then be sanded down, and a coloured varnish applied (blue). For the walls, the wallpaper, although getting on for 30 years old, is in such a good state that we’ll just paint over it. So the walls will be cream/yellow and the rest in blue. Even if we do not know the sex of the baby yet, we’ll still do it in blue. Seems these days the pink/blue thing no longer matters.

On Sunday I organised a meal for my expat group, which in the end was attended by our American friends Bruce & Rachael. They also live in the Essonne region, but closer to Paris than we are. We had a great afternoon, great food, prepared by Thumpah and some nice chat.
Thumpah had prepared “Poule au pot” and and apple tart for afters, and cheese sandwiched in between the two courses. Bruce and Rachael provided the edibles for the apĂ©ro. Surprisingly we still had room for something later on at about 9pm.

The next get together will be on the 31st when we have a few people coming round to celebrate New Years. Nothing is finalised at the moment, but we do know 3 other friends have said they are coming. This’ll be our last New Years celebration as a couple.

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