Last time before Christmas

This will more than likely be my last entry before the Christmas period gets going. Unfortunately I have to start this with a gripe about spammers.

Message to spammers posting to this blog… Please… don’t bother. All comment posts are on moderation. The only person seeing your rubbish and hitting the delete button is little old me. So don’t waste your time – go find an outlet where your crap will be read.

Feel better now…

We are a week away from our trip to the UK to spend Christmas with my family back “home”. It’s 5 years since I last spent Christmas with my family, so I’m looking forward to it. Of couse, it would be nice if some of them came to stay here as well – but I think I’ll win the lotto before that happens… and I don’t even do it!

Anyway – we have a hectic week ahead, seeing friends who I stay in touch with online and shopping. Buying a few gifts that we’ve not bought yet for Isa’s family and of course some English goodies in the form of foodstuffs I can’t get here in France.
Presents have already been bought for family and friends in the UK – I spent the other night wrapping them up and packing them into a large IKEA cardboard box ready to go in the car. We have another box for food we’ll take over from here and other bits.

The plan is that once we are over there, we can empty these boxes and use them to transport a few bits and pieces back that I have stored in my Mum’s attic. Noteably some English language childrens books for our “petit haricot”.

Talking of “le petit” Thumpah is bearing up well – she passed the 3 month mark at the beginning of this month. She won’t have another scan until mid January, just after my 37th birthday. We aren’t sure if we’ll find out if it’s a boy or a girl then, some people say it’s after the 4th month that it’ll be known, while a book I read the other day said it was by the 5th month. As long as it’s healthy and there are no problems for Isa, I suppose it’s not important.
We’ve not really considered names, aside from the fact that if it’s a boy, then it’ll take the middle names Victor & Michel, after it’s Grandads.

Otherwise Thumpah is getting the odd sickness and cramp, but not quite as much as the first 3 months thankfully. She’s looking very well and has even lost some weight, although she’s steadily getting her appetite back – she’s eating more reasonably than I am!
In fact Maman will be thinner than Daddy at this rate! Unfortunately the kilogrammes on the scales are climbing. I must have put on about 4kg in the last couple of months. Something needs to be done, but I guess Christmas isn’t the best time to do it. Perhaps after the New Year celebrations… 😉

We’ll be back from the UK on the 27th. The 31st we’ll have some friends round to see in 2007. It’ll be our last New Years Celebration as a couple – and the year ahead is set to be a busy one.

Aside from losing weight, I need to find some work. I’ve decided to stay with the translation angle (and anything else I can do – like help someone with their English or do some PC maintenance). So far the translation work is on hold as I do some decorating ready for the baby. It’s looking like this will most certainly stretch into the New Year. Although if some work comes along I’ll be the first to down paintbrush and get on with it.

We have two bedrooms to do – the one that’ll be the nursery has already been started. One wall will have wooden slats, and so far I’ve fitted the batons to the wall and started gluing the isolation sheets to the bits of wall between. At least we’ll be painting onto existing wallpaper in that room – the other room (our new room) will have to be repapered.

Well, better stop waffling and get on with it.

Wishing all my readers, friends and family a Joyeux Noël & Bonne Année 2007!!!

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  1. Happy Holidays
    (and yes, unless your bean is very shy, you should be able to see if its a he bean or a she bean during your second echographie) You do realize some men go through a lot of the pregnancy symptoms along with their wife, gaining kilo for kilo and even having mock contractions at the end? Still, 4 kilos isn’t much…(at least by ob-gyn say so). Hello to ole Mum Egland and to those mild winter temperatures that come from my old home to yours…

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