The New Year has gotten off to a slow start and so far 2007 has been filled with laryngitis for both myself and Thumpah – or rather Thumpah and myself, as she gave it to me!

Our trip to the UK was nice, yet hectic – I think we are both heaving a collective sigh of relief that Christmas for another year is over. But it was sad to say goodbye to my Mum back home and drive back to France. At least we didn’t get stuck in the fog coming down to Dover, just had to put up with the ferry leaving 90 minutes late. It didn’t take us 14 hours, like the trip up to Leicester, but we were both tired when we got back to the Paris area.

It was wonderful to see our friend John – on our trip by train to Shrewsbury from Leicester, via that mess called Birmingham. Then Wendy, Axel, Alecia, John, Colin & Lorna whilst back in Leicester. Then here was the shopping and the Christmas lights!

So now it’s 2007 – the baby is growing and we know the sex of it (although I aint telling yet) – and it’s kickin like a good ‘un. A great sign. So that leaves us just a few months to get the nursery ready along with other things around the house. The nasty bug we’ve both had these last few weeks has delayed that – although I’m now feeling well enough to start. We also had to cancel my birthday party twice, as Thumpah was ill on my birthday (the 14th) and then I was ill last weekend. At this rate we’ll be celebrating my 38th!

To get the ball rolling, at least, we are planning a get together for my expat group in early February. So I’ll have to celebrate my birthday before then! To try to animate my group I’ve started up yet another blog (Yes… “Oh no, not another one!”) aimed at becoming like an online newspaper for residents of Paris and the southern “banlieue”. I’m one of the latter – so perhaps more a reason for my group being slighly off Paris centre.

If you’d like to take a look at our “newspaper/blog” feel free – have a read. If you can contribute to it, then even better! Any WordPress account holder can become a budding journalist on there, if they so wish… (hint hint).

Thumpah will be home soon with a McDo for lunch, so on that note we wish our readers a very bonne année 2007, even if we are a bit late. Our cards are sitting on the side board waiting to be posted, maybe for 2008…

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  1. Thanks Pat. We’re still feeling the after effects (Isa coughing and me being bunged up) but hopefully we’ll be saying goodbye to this horrible lurgy soon.

    And no… we’re not letting the cat out of the bag just yet… 😉

  2. Welcome back! I’m happy to hear that all goes well with the incipient rugrat (and that you brought lots of books back from the UK for him/her).

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