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This morning we had a 10am appointment at the hospital in Courcouronnes for “petit bout” – which turned out to be at 11.10am because we had to wait so long. Then we had to queue again afterwards, to make the next appointment. Finally we managed to get out of the place at midday. I’ve never known a place where people are so COLD. I guess they must all become robots or something working there. 

At least the visit was mostly administrative, and the consultant – who was as robotic as everyone else there, with the exception of one nice receptionist who both seemed to have a sense of humour and was polite – confirmed what our gynecologist has said and found already. Everything is going to plan. Trouble is we are seeing the gynaco seperately so all the data needed to be transferred to the consultant. Enter the usual French obsession with paperwork. 

At the very start we had the choice of either Thumpah giving birth at La Clinique de l’Essonne in Evry or at the Centre Hospitalier in Courcouronnes. The question of cost was involved in that choice, but also the services that are on offer. We found the hospital had more facilities than the clinic. The nearest hospital to us, at Corbeil, no longer has a maternity department.

For the moment Thumpah is lucky in that there are no problems so far, everything is going to plan and we hope that’ll continue to be the case. There is always that concern in the background for “older” mothers, but Isa is bearing up very well and I’m very proud of her.

This morning it snowed too, so I had to spend a little time clearing the car before we left. But by the time we had come out of the hospital at lunchtime it had all gone. Before Isa went back to work we went to go and eat lunch in a Chinese buffet restautant (they seem to be springing up everywhere) which was not only cold, but the food was very much heading towards cold too!

As we arrived, my American friend Pam called me about the forthcoming meet up for my expat group on Saturday in Paris. She had just arrived from New York yesterday and has been trying to find a Wifi hook up. I still haven’t decided where we are all going to eat for the get together, so said I’d call her back.

On the other side of the baby developments, the nursery is coming on. Got two coats of paint on the wall, and guess what? It’s all going to need another **groan**.

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