Introducing Juliette Annette Claire…

Yes… it’s official. We’re going to have a baby girl. Although I’ve announced that everywhere else apart from on here. We had Thumpah’s family round on Sunday to announce the news and our baby’s name.

So, after thinking that we were going to be having a boy it turns out that the last scan proved it was a girl! (Although they have been known to get things wrong!)

The decorating of the nursery is underway. My in-laws were quite impressed with the work so far, 3 coats of paint onto existing wallpaper. Bearing in mind that this was the drabbest of drab 1970’s brown wallpaper – I did quite well to get the vanilla we chose, painted on so there were no patches. It now looks like a totally different room! Well, it has had the same decor for the last 30 years or so!

Maman is doing well. Juliette is making her presence known – kicking away here there and everywhere. I’ve started speaking to her through Maman’s belly, in English, although I still find I’m a bit awkward about that.

Our house is a bit upside down at the moment – we will need to have a big sort out of surplus clothing this weekend to pass on to charity. Mainly stuff that we’ve had for a long time that no longer fits. It’s not just clothes that need getting rid of, but a few other bits and pieces. It’s amazing how something so small as a baby brings in the big changes!

After a certain amount of apprehension on our part, it seems that this event has brought us closer to Thumpah’s family. They have been brillant, in particular our SIL Martine. She’ll be helping us out with baby things as she already has a 5 year old daughter with Thumpah’s brother. It’s an important worry sorted out, although we obviously will still have lots of other things to buy.

For the moment I’m mostly concerned about my MIL taking over. She’s really nice, but she is a “maman poule” as they say in French. Always ready with advice, that can sometimes be forceful and always thinking she knows what is best for us, which sometimes can be a bit suffocating. She means well, but we’ve had to put the brakes on sometimes and only the other day I upset her because I just felt she was being too nosey.
It didn’t help that one of her friends had just lost her daughter the day before so she was feeling a bit teary and upset. We sorted out our differences pretty quickly but I’m just waiting for the next time when things go a bit too far…

I suppose I should really be grateful that I have a MIL that really cares about us, and our soon to be daughter. But somehow she just makes us both feel like little kids, something that my own parents never really did to me.

We’ll just have to see how things pan out.

It’s still sinking in for the both of us that soon we’ll be parents, with new responsibilities and a “new life”. Time will be at a premium and I’m sure that we’ll find things very different. The baby will take over and I’m bracing myself for both Thumpah and me being tired during the first 3 months of feeds and thereafter. She returns to work in September, when I’ll become a house Daddy.

Over the last couple of weeks, apart from matters domestic, I’ve been working on a site for my expat group and also a further site for my translation services. Having written a couple of articles on the expat site, it already has received around 400 hits since the 24th January.
The translation site is slow going, while I find the right blurbs for the pages.

On the 10th February we also had our first group meet up in Paris since last November. I’m not sure how these will work when the baby is here – they probably won’t! But we took advantage of the fact that Thumpah still isn’t too large to have a lovely meal with some fellow expats in a crêpe restaurant called “Le Pot au Lait” in the 5eme. A really nice meal was had, there with everyone – 11 of us à table.
My fellow expats were all so nice, it was a pleasure to spend an evening in their company and as always I’m really grateful of their support of our group. One of the newer members, Anne, brought along some baby things for us, which was brilliant. We were not expecting that at all. We met a new couple, Joanne & Paul who, it turns out, live less than 15km from us. Joanne is American and Paul is French. Apart from those, Anne, who is German, came along with her friend Claudia all the way from 78.
Then we had the “old crowd”, my good friend Pascal, then Pam who was visiting from New York, my favourite “Poles” Ewa & Adam and of course our favourite Pakistani, Irfan.

Irfan and Adam had me in stitches all night, I haven’t laughed so hard for a long time and I really needed it. Hopefully we’ll get one other meet up in before the baby comes along.

Well, over the last few weeks I’ve been having problems getting to sleep with most nights being late ones. On average I’ve been getting to bed at about 2am – with so many things passing through my head. I have somehow got to get back to a normal sleep pattern. That is easier said than done!

It’s still “early” at 0024hrs – so I guess I’d better get to bed before it becomes another 2am jobbie. 🙂

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