It’s approximately 25 years since…

…our basement was practically empty. On Friday night Thumpah came home in the company Mercedes truck ready for some trips to the local déchéterie at Montaubert near Bondoufle on Saturday and Sunday morning. Over the last week or two I have progressively sorted through all the items that have been sitting in our sous sol, making a large pile of things to throw out.

As they can be a bit funny up at Montaubert about the amount you dump, we thought we’d go over the two days. We recruited Flo, our nephew, on Saturday to help us offload the truck – which made our life a lot easier. Obviously Thumpah isn’t in a state to carry things or throw things – even if she would go ahead and do so, if left to her own devices! 🙁

Didn’t help that it rained all Saturday afternoon – and I soon found I had holes in the soles of my old “gardening shoes”.

Saturday night our friend Dominique arrived from Paris. The idea was that he help us move stuff on Sunday to Montaubert – but as we’d done the whole lot already, I recruited him to help me move some furniture. I’d wanted to move some old kitchen units in the garage – to the rear of the garage, but as some had tiles on them they were extremely heavy.
We then moved another old kitchen unit from the sous sol into the garage, but had to break it down into pieces as it was too heavy to carry the longish distance between the two places. If you can imagine the song “Right Said Fred” as sung by Bernard Cribbins, you wouldn’t be far wrong!

So I have the garage to tidy up – filling the “new” kitchen units with pots of paint, tools and whatnot. Then I’ll have the space to be able to paint the wardrobe shelving for Juliettes room, and at some point I’m also going to have to take the door off in her bedroom too so I can strip it and then paint it in the garage.

On Sunday evening and yesterday morning I started working on my new site – which is in it’s very early stages. I bought the domain name yesterday very cheaply – and have the bare bones set up. I have to say I’m quite proud of it so far, and as I set up a site builder on my space, it’s easy to update and manage.

Yesterday afternoon I cleaned and then painted the skirting boards in Juliette’s room – I guess I’m now getting to the age where sitting on the floor painting doesn’t really help my bones or circulation. Today I need to do the rest of the woodwork in blue, and if I finish that – start on tidying the garage/painting shelves.

Aside from the house tidying and decoration – of which there is still a lot to do, I also have two or three jobs in the pipeline. On Wednesday I’m going to spend the day looking at these and getting them to planning stage. I really didn’t think I would get so busy, and even less so have some work projects on the side! I’m not grumbling too much though…

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