BBQ and Paris Photos

Today I was supposed to have gone into Paris to do a little job taking some photos for a friend. Unfortunately last night and this morning I was doing the Aztec two step. I suspect the BBQ yesterday, when my near neighbour Campbell came over to eat with us. It’s not often I see a fellow Brit – so we had a great time chatting, and doing something I don’t do that often since I moved to France… sinking some beers!

I felt well enough later today to continue hammering wooden panelling onto the walls of the nursery. It’s coming on fine now – but there’s still lots to do. Thumpah is really bearing up well for someone 7 and a half months pregnant. Good news is that she leaves work for 4 months of maternity leave on Friday evening. Lets hope we can cope with being together for 4 months, 3 of those with the baby.

Tomorrow it’s an early start to go into Paris and do what I should have done today. I feel put out that I’ve not been able to get this job done and dusted for my friend, mainly because of domestic things – but while the weather is good it’s time to get on with it.

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