4 months together…

Last Friday Thumpah went on maternity leave, so she’ll now be at home with me for the next 4 months or so. On Monday afternoon we went to our first anti-natal classes at the hospital Evry-Courcouronnes. These have been combined to make 3 sessions at 4 hours each. Quite a marathon.

There were 10 women there in total, and out of those only 4, including Thumpah, brought their hubbys along – although we were very welcome and think all the blokes of the class were very uneasy. We both decided that we had learnt quite a lot from our first 4 hours. In fact we now realise that the birth isn’t that far away and that life will soon change.

For the nursery, we can see the end in sight even if a few other things are nagging for attention around the house and garden. It seems that we’ll have so much to do before our little Rémy is born.

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