Coming to a head

Thumpah is alternating between being active and tired. Despite my protests that she should rest, she doesn’t. But I think she knows her limits and has steadily painted the shelves for the wardrobe in the nursery.

Meanwhile Papa/Daddy is getting stressed out and wishing he had started work on the nursery sooner. I keep telling myself that the nice weather has certainly helped – and that I could not have possibly cut wood to shape outside, back in January.

Yesterday aside from Thumpah doing a stint of painting the shelves I painted the first coat on the radiator (a job to do your head in!), the second coat of wood tint on the new lambris to match the older ones.

In the afternoon we went in search of a special exterior paint made by a company called Boiro. I’m using it to paint the surrounds around the windows which hold the shutters “les porte fenĂȘtres”. A few weeks ago we’d gone back to Castorama to buy some more of this special paint, only to be told that they do not stock it anymore. So yesterday we visited a couple of places who also didn’t stock it. Then Thumpah phoned Boiro to be told they don’t manufacture the stuff anymore. *Beep!*

We did buy the surround frame for the wall with the lambris though – which I also started to wood stain as well. I should be able to add the skirting board today which I stained on Tuesday.

Thumpah’s brother should be coming round at the weekend to fit the new light and light switch in the nursery (I don’t like electrics, but seeing as he is an electrician…), then I’ll be able to start putting up the ceiling tiles.

Meanwhile I still have a job to finish for my friend Jeff, which was hindered by a computer problem and another seperate job for my friend Pat.

We have had our first anti-natal class on Monday, we’ll have another tomorrow and the last one on Monday. Each are 4 hours – with lots to take in…

Thumpah gives birth towards the end of May so time really is marching on.

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