Varnish, paint, nursery, hospital, end of the week…

This morning we leave for the hospital for the next ante-natal class. After working bent up painting a radiator yesterday getting overcome by fumes, my back is protesting is quite a bad way. Thumpah seems OK though, she was painting shelves.

Patrick my brother in law will come round on Saturday afternoon to fit a new lamp and light switch. I’m scared of working with electrics, so prefer to leave that stuff to someone who knows what they are doing.

Then I can start work on fitting the ceiling tiles and doing some more varnishing, before rebuilding the shelves in the fitted wardrobe.

One headache yesterday was finding that the door handles for the French window in the nursery were about 4mm too big, so I had to cut a strip out of the overlapping wood on the other window so it would fit. This was the first time I’d used my new electric jigsaw – and nearly made a right mess of it. It’s not quite straight, but it could be worse – and will no doubt look better once I’ve applied some paint.

Hopefully by the middle of next week, all will be done and I can start working on fitting the new cooker in the kitchen. Months cooking with a grill and one plug-in electrical hob hasn’t been very easy….

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