Sun, mosquitoes, grillades and work…

We are having an exceptionally hot end of April, beginning of May – which is great because it means we can get a lot done. This was broken a little by a storm last night and practically the first rain for 3 weeks.

So BBQ season and Mosquito season is early this year. The former is great, the latter is frankly, a pain in the arse. As I’ve been outside cutting pieces of wood or painting window surrounds I get eaten to death. I would gladly pull the chain on that part of the food chain.

Saturday saw us painting again, will it ever end? Still have the window to paint. Patrick came round to fit a new light and switch in the nursery. So already it’s looking better. This means that once I’ve painted the bit above the fitted wardrobe I can start putting up the ceiling tiles.  The evening saw us at my in laws for a BBQ – again eaten alive by the mozzies.

Sunday – we were geared up to work, but in the end did nothing and vegetated in front of the TV all day. We both needed a bit of a rest, and I put on a video the film Bless this House. Then we watched Blame it on the Bell Boy on another video.

Last night I started compiling a CD of current hits for my son, so that one day he’ll be able to listen to songs that were being played on the radio around the time of his birth. Apparently for my birth the main album of the time was “Bridge over Troubled Waters” by Simon & Garfunkel”! For our son, the album will definately be “Life in Cartoon Motion” by Mika.

Today, Thumpah has a Doctors appointment at the hospital and then the last ante natal class at the hospital this afternoon. I’ve decided not to go to the last one as I want to carry on working on the nursery, and although we need it I hope it doesn’t rain today…

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