Welcome to Sarkoland

So he got in… being an EU resident without the right to vote in France I now wonder what the future holds for my little family. The idea of becoming a Father to a child who will be born in a few short weeks makes me perhaps, take the elections a little more seriously than previously.

Seeing the comments of a few French friends about the new President doesn’t give me a lot of confidence “Welcome to Sarkoland” “Pays de Merde” and comparisons to Adolf Hitler sort of make you sit up and take notice.

Thumpah didn’t know who to vote for – as she is French, she seemed like many, wanting to give a spoiled vote. In the end she voted for a candidate.

Last night we saw riots on the TV in Place de la Bastille – I sat there wondering if the new President was planning on getting out his “K√§rcher” to sweep away the scum and rubble. If he’ll make other insensitive remarks in other sensitive situations.

Sarko said last night that he is for “Europe” – perhaps he could start by giving us EU citizens the vote? It would be the right thing to do. As an unemployed European and soon to be Daddy, I really don’t have an awful lot of confidence in what he has to say. For many he has Le Pen leanings, only time will prove if this is true.

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