Hic! hic! hic!

Seems little Rémy/Juliette has the hicups at the moment – at first Thumpah was a bit alarmed by the bumps ever couple of seconds in her belly. Then we read somewhere that towards the end of the pregnancy, the baby can have this.

Yesterday was a public holiday in France so we invited our friends Catherine and Didier over with Catherines daughter Amélie for grillades. Unfortunately the weather has been very unsettled over the last few days – so we were unable to do a BBQ outside. So it was oven cooked marinated pork, chipos, merguez with pasta and veggies (peas, carrots, flat green beans with potato). Tuna loaf for starters. Thumpah was in her element in the kitchen, and I became chief washer-upper. 🙂

My fellow Brit neighbour Campbell, from Corbeil had offered to come and help with the nursery. But as we had decided to have a day off yesterday we invited him over for the meal as well – and by chance he came with his new lady friend who had driven up from Epinal to spend the day with him. So in the end we were 7 around the table!

Amélie stayed with us over night, and gave us a taste of what it’ll be like to have a kid in the house. OK, she’s nearly 9 and very well behaved – but it’ll happen to us one day. Her Grandad picked her up this morning, so we were sort of a transit point. 🙂

Today I plan to go and varnish the lambris in the nursery, after losing my temper with the polystyrene dado rail and wooden frame around the lambris on Monday. I’m not a bricoleur, but I try…

On Saturday a German friend, Anne, will come over for lunch with her Japanese hubby Yoshi and their 5 year old son Nao. Over the last week or so SIL has given us a heap of baby stuff and Anne will kindly bring over some more. Seems having a baby makes you realise that we have a lot of kind friends and family out there. We are now wondering where we are going to put it all!

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